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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Freshers Hiring as Electronics engineer for Cummins at Pune

Company Name: Cummins India
Education: B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech
Experience: 0-2 Years
Job Location: Pune
Designation: Electronics Engineer

Job Description
Electronics engineer
  • B.Tech/M.Tech with 0-2 years of experience. That could be COOP or summer Intern experience.
  • Analog Circuit Design - Analog circuit design at Cummins focuses on electronic hardware for  control and/or power conversion systems. A person with this skill designs/ analyzes: actuator driver, power supply, signal conditioning (digital), analog and frequency type sensors, and system power bus/ grounding. Has performed analog circuit design on several boards of moderate to high complexity and part count. Has knowledge and experience with analog tools and process. 
  • Routinely resolves circuit functional and performance issues with analysis, simulation, and testing.
  • Digital Circuit Design - Digital circuit design is the skill set necessary to understand, specify, analyze, and design digital electronic circuits or devices. Skills include: knowledge of bi-state digital components, ability to memory map devices to a microprocessor, ability to perform timing analysis, ability to design digital circuit boards of moderate complexity which involve analysis and schematic capture. A Hardware Engineer will have detailed knowledge and experience with the tools and processes of this field and could resolve circuit functional and performance issues with analysis, simulation, and testing.
  • Harness & Interconnect Design - Harness and interconnect design involves specification and selection of : connectors, wire gauge, length, routing, tie-down, and protection mechanisms. 
  •  A harness designer will know principles, techniques, procedures, fail modes/symptoms and can repair, service, or select connectors with appropriate sub-components. 
  •  Can perform harness / interconnect design effectively with minimum supervision, knows different connector systems used on Cummins' engines and can recommend the proper connector systems or cable type for specific applications. Familiar with the documents governing harness design or connector service.
Electronic Component Specifications
  • The purpose of this skill is to provide high quality specifications for electronic components (e.g., electronic control modules, actuators, and sensors) that ensure our suppliers design and manufacture electronic components that delight our customers for reliability and cost. 
  •  Also, ensure our customers' issues and concerns are addressed before the component is designed. Related skills include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), mechanical environmental requirements, analog circuit design, and digital circuit design.  
  • Routinely defines and generates specifications for electronic components.
Mechanical Design & Performance Requirements 
  • This skill set describes the ability to understand, specify, and validate requirements for the design of electronic components. 
  • Knowledge expected: An understanding of how electronic designs respond to mechanical environment conditions and methods required to validate designs for a specific environment. 
  • Understands the underlying principles, techniques, and procedures for mechanical design of electronic hardware. 
  • Able to converse fluently with suppliers on subject matter. 

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